In Maple Bay

Dinner Menu


Soup w/ Bad Habits bread.


Salad w/ apple and bacon in balsamic vinaigrette.


Mussels served w/ Bad Habits bread.


Prawn and scallop mushroom caps.


Spring Rolls (prawns, scallops, and pork)

sell out fast (please call to reserve this item)



Asiago pollo con cipolla caramellata (Asiago chicken with caramelized onions)

Bisteca con formaggio erborinato (Steak with blue cheese)

Acciughe con rucola (Anchovy with arugula)

Pomodoro con basilica (Tomato with basil)

Funghi ( Mushroom and Caramelized onion)

Spicy Pork Pizze


Pear and Bacon Pizze



Duck with sundried tomatoes served w/ rice.


Anchovy pasta.


Chicken Flambe with Rum.


Pork tenderloin w/ kiwi reduction.


Rosemary garlic lamb burger.


Grilled Cheese and Bacon Burger